Articles on Practical Integrated Accounting and Management Awareness

One of the purpose of constructing this page is to provide our reader a practical integrated accounting awareness because it was noticed in Yemen business markets that management in local companies and unfortunately overseas companies don't know what is the real roles of accountant, and they confused between bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, therefore, we write our own articles of practical integrated accounting awareness that covers the accounting techniques, financial accounting or reporting, management accounting, forensic accounting, auditing and business valuation for each financial item catagory. Before providing the Practical Integrated Accounting Awareness (PIAA), we need to distinguish between jobs of accounting that are bookkeeper, accountant and auditor. Bookkeeper is different from accountant and auditor, bookkeeper is responsible for recording transactions, receiving supporting documents of transactions. However, accountant, analyzes and creates reports from recorded financial information recorded by bookkeeper and from other sources, and auditor performs a broad range of accounting, reviewing, tax and consulting activities for their clients which may be a corporation, government or individuals.

And Before reading e-books in our website and our article of PIAA, we need to you to understand the following thoughts.

Accounting Techniques

Accounting techniques is detailed narratives describing the requirements imposed by accounting rulings that provides a solid background in accounting and computerized bookkeeping and financial reporting.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a branch of accountancy that is concerned with the preparation of financial statements for decision makers outside of organization or not involved in the day-to-day running of the company, such as stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government agencies, owners, and other stakeholders.

Management Accounting and Cost Accounting

Management accounting is also called cost accounting, is a branch of accountancy that records, analyzes, interprets and reports the financial and non-financial information of the companies for assisting corporate executives and managers to make business decisions, for budgeting, performance evaluation of management, individual, department or whole company, cost management, asset management and involved in strategic planning or the development of company

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting or investigative accounting is a branch of accountancy that collects, prepares, investigates, analyzes and reports data to reconstructs, detects, supports, or rejects a claim of financial fraud and claims of litigation, to recover proceeds of crime or establish facts or evidence in a court of flaw.


Auditing is process of objectively examining , verifying and correcting the financial information and obtaining and evaluating evidence relate to the reliability and integrity of financial, occasionally and operating information to the interested users. There is financial audit, statutory audit, quality audit, Information system audit, and HSE audit