Our Strategies


We seek to lead accounting knowledge in several industries and play significant role in increasing practical accounting and financial awareness among Yemen accountant, financial and non-financial professionals.


Our mission is within vision through publishing books and monthly knowledge reports that covers accounting techniques, financial reporting, financial management, management accounting, cost accounting, auditing view, forensic accounting view, business appraisal and internal controls for financial statements elements at cheap prices or free for our subscribers. Also, by designing and selling a high professional accounting system for several industries and purposes that enable the economic entity to generate their financial statements package in short term, and providing financial reports to assist management to take the right decision.


We seek to

- Increase ethical awareness among community in Yemen specially accountant and financial professionals

- Encouraging talents to contribute in accounting awareness in Yemen

- Increasing the number of accounting and financial professionals

- Directing the role of accountants to their right way and enhance it

- Providing Yemen community with high professional accounting system that considers practical internal controls and providing management reports and financial reports for several information users